SERVICES from Vivendi come in different forms, a little beyond the ordinary. Of course, you have the usual ‘exactly what I expected’ kind of technical support – you call and get the technical assistance you need BUT we offer much, much more.

We have a wealth of knowledge and information at our fingertips and we are happy to share it. With a full database of Technical manuals and drawings, recognising your sauna sensor from your float PCB is child’s play. If you don’t have all your site applicable documents just get in touch and a PDF or Hardcopy will be in your hands in no time. No account? No problem, just call us directly and we get you registered.

Our staff are knowledgeable. We don’t pretend to get it right all the time but we try very hard to resolve issues as quickly as humanly possible. Superheroes we are not but our engineers come very close. They will talk to you when our in-house staff don’t have the answer; they will get to site quickly and will resolve most issues first time. So we have it pretty much covered.
But the question is, have you? Our technical services are straightforward and can be tailored to suit specific site requirements with the optional bolt-on services. Take a look at the Technical Service section and see exactly what we can do to help.

Well we really like to talk and listen so contact the team anytime between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday and we will happily assist. Email at your convenience and you will be guaranteed a reply by the next working day.